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Beach Chair and a Book

Those who know me well understand exactly why I chose Beach Chair and a Book for a title. And they wouldn’t be surprised to know how long I stood on Tortola’s Cane Garden Bay waiting for the breeze to bless me with the perfect title shot. But first I’ve got to give credit where it’s due for my life-long case of the travel bug.

If God wanted us to travel by air or water he would have given us gills, wings and flippers, or so my mother would say. In spite of her unwavering insistence that she would NEVER step foot on an airplane or a sailing vessel of any size, my mother became a world traveler.or get on a boat, she became a late-blooming world traveler.

I remember the day when she and her traveling companions flew from Friendship Airport on a BOAC jet (now I’m really dating myself) for a philanthropist-sponsored European tour. that very special trip gave them an audience with Pope Paul VI, entrance into rooms at the Palais Versailles that were off-limits to most tourists, and front-row seats to a bull-fight in Spain (she was horrified!) My mother sent postcards that my father and I would read and stick on the refrigerator that just happened to break down as soon as she left.  A month later she returned with souvenirs and many rolls of film that took forever to be developed. I still have them. And I also have her Kodak Brownie and Bell and Howell movie camera. If she had lived long enough to get her hands on a digital camera, she’d own a computer dedicated solely to her picture-taking!

Later my mother’s travels  took her to many of the 50 states, to Africa, to visit me in Trinidad and to Haiti, which even 30 years ago, broke her heart. After the earthquake, I know she would have organized a posse of the faithful and  those of a more worldly persuasion, to send aid.

She and her retired friends, known in our community as the Golden Girls, were always on the road, in the air or on the water. They vacationed in Hawaii and sailed on the Queen Elizabeth II. Along with my love of reading, genealogy and history, I caught the travel bug from Marie Johnson Brown.

But I wanted to travel and write about it. One day an opportune email introduced me to Bob Dockery, Jr., publisher of Travel and Enjoy Magazine (  And now, as editor I’ve found the best of both worlds.

Our vision for the magazine is all-inclusive, with stories by and for travelers, tourists, trekkers, families and those going solo – anyone who has packed a bag or a backpack and set out for places known and unknown. We’ll feature stories of people who have traveled (and lived) around the world as well as those who discovered something worth seeing in their own back yard. Take a look through our pages, sign up and log in for updates and our interactive features.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Beach Chair and a Book and join me on my travels!



  1. Looking forward to the journey!


    • Thanks Issa: I’ll do my best to make it worth your while!

  2. Wonderful !

  3. Love it!

    • Thanks, Andie. I’m going to scan those pictures and when they’re all in some form of 21st century presentation (lol) I’ll share them 🙂

  4. So love the picture!!!!!
    Makes me want to make travel arrangement.
    I look forward to reading about your travels, as always.

    • Hi, Beverly: Cane Garden Bay is one of my favorite places and where I’ve spent lots of time on the beach with a book. I was determined to get a picture there and when the breeze ruffled the pages, it was perfect!

  5. Love the title and the picture. I am signing up for your blog so I can tag along for the trip. 😉

  6. I guess I should have said the journey!

    • Thanks, Vannie; as always! LOl@ journey vs. trip – you’re right!

  7. Hi girl,

    You’re doing your thing and living life like it’s golden! Your mom, a “golden girl” herself in her day, would be so proud. I love reading your sharing about your mom’s rich life. Well, I missed your special day but I’m sure it was “GOLDEN”. Best wishes for many more.

    • Hi, Nancy: Thanks so much! I try to pay tribute to her life every chance I get. Thanks for the best wishes. You know I’m so bad with the telephone, but I’ll call soon so we can catch up.

  8. […] a mile. I’m sure the result will be astounding . Mouse here forRelated LinksRelated LinksBeach Chair and a Book var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Tags: beach chair, beach chairs, beach […]

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